Welcome to Solun Tapas Bar & Restaurant!

Solun is Spanish for "the sun and the moon" and like the celestial beings for which it's named; our restaurant promises an escape from the ordinary. In Spain, food is at the center of every tradition, every celebration and even day to day life. We go to sleep thinking about breakfast and wake up to the promise of dinner. In Spain, every meal is a tantalizing culinary experience that's best when shared with others -- and we adhere to this philosophy!

Founder Carlos Hernandez opened Solun in order to share his passion for Spanish cuisine in a traditional, elegent setting. The menu stays true to the authenticity of Spanish dishes and also incorporates flavorful elements of Mediterranean cuisine, creating unique taste and flavor combinations. Solun offers a wide variety of traditional tapas, creative entrees, scrumptuous seafood and an extensive wine carte to satisfy the most discerning guests.

Because Solun is a feast for all your senses, we pride ourselves on our sophisticated decor and authentic ambience. Our dining room is the perfect backdrop for a romantic night on the town, dinner with friends and eleborate private events. Solun also features plentiful bar seating for happy hour, casual dining or late night cocktails... and when the weather is right, we invite our guests to enjoy their meal on our picturesque summer patio!

Solun Tapas Bar

245 Amity Rd.

Woodbridge, CT 06525

Tel: (203) 298-9741